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A three-year-old male elephant calf was electrocuted

On Tuesday, a three-year-old male baby elephant was electrocuted by a live electric fence around a farm close to the Western Ghats near Kadayanallur when it tried to come into the fence.

According to sources in the Forest Department, that baby elephant came from a herd which entered the mango grove at Munthal Kaadu after midnight. Then, that herd moved towards the farm and the baby was electrocuted when it came in contact with the live electric fence erected around that farm.

In the morning, farm workers alerted officials because they saw the electrocuted calf and other elephants wandering in the area. A team of officials including Range Officer Senthil Kumar and veterinarians of Sugumar forest went to the scene and conducted post-mortem.


“The calf has electrocution marks. We’ve sought the help of the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation officials to ascertain if the farm owner had got nod to erect solar fence. We’ve taken steps to register a case,” District Forest Officer – Mr. K.Thirumal said.

Farmers said that the Forest Department had dug some trenches along the Western Ghats boundary from Kadayanallur to Sivagiri a few year before to avoid wild animals, especially elephants, Indian Gaurs, deers and wild boars, because they invaded the farms freely for food and water.

“In this case, the elephants had uprooted more than 25 coconut trees, all aged between 4 and 7 years, and damaged more than 50 mango trees. Since farmers cannot bear with this loss, they are erecting solar fence around farms to check invasion of wild animal,” farmers say.

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