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Despite bad weather, an elephant has been chained outdoors for the past three months

A 25-year-old elephant, which is alleged in the name of musth, has been tortured for the past three months. It’s known by the names Kochu Ganeshan and Bharathi Balanarayanan. The tusker has been chained at a coconut plantation at Mundakkara in Balussery since April , because it violated all rules regarding the elephant care during musth period.

According to the Captive Elephant (Management and Maintenance) Rules, the elephant in musth should be kept at roofed camps and provided proper food. But this elephant is chained outdoors despite bad weather. It was brought to the land of Vadakkedathu Sankaran for a shelter for 10 days. After that, when the owner asked to take it away, he said that the tusker is in musth and could not be shifted for three months. 

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The owner demolished the shed built in the land, where a gang of men drunk and camped in the name of mahouts. So, the gang complained the police about the land owner because he destroyed the shed. With this, the owner had to run after the police case in return for giving permission to camp the tusker.

The neighbours said that the elephant kept whining day and night because of the wounds on its legs. The owner and his family field to the police a complaint to report that the elephant is being tortured but no action was taken.

The owners of the elephant brought registered mahouts only after he filed a complaint in Koyilandi court and a commission came for inspection. Elephant owner Dileep Kumar responded that the tusker is treated as per  the directions in ‘Madangaleela’ and it will be shifted from the place once fitness certificate is issued.

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