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Muddy loving for albino elephant calf Khanyisa and her special family

One big muddy family! What better way to enjoy an afternoon swim than to make yourself as muddy as possible and then make the most of your awesome mom as a trusted rubbing post!?

That is what Khanyisa did! Not a worry in the world, except a few “got-to-scratch-that-spot” moments! The muddier, the better, we say!

Mother nature at her best, availing her unique sunscreen for their bodies to help guard them against the sun.

You wouldn’t know Khanyisa was an albino at all when she has been lathering herself in it. It is a beautiful sight to see as we enjoy Christmas eve today.

We hope that our followers can spend time with loved ones this Christmas, but for those that are not so lucky due to lockdown restrictions or any other reason, please know that our thoughts are with you.

Source: HERD Elephant Orphanage South Africa

Wild Elephants with relaxing music

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