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Raju Elephant Cries Tears of Joy While Being Rescued After 50 Years Of Abuse And Chains In India

Raju the elephant had actually been chained up all 50 years of his presence. It’s all he ever understood. All of the discomfort and suffering had actually been at the hands of people, however it ‘d be another group of human beings who would action in and alter whatever for him.

Source: Press People

Raju resided in India where he needed to make it through off of garbage and whatever travelers given out to him.

Source: Press People

After 50 years of abuse, a midnight rescue would release the elephant from that life time of overlook and discomfort.

Source: Press People

It was Wildlife SOS, a north London-based charity, who actioned in. And the rescue would put Raju in tears.

Source: Press People

When set totally free, he shed real tears.

Source: Press People

Unfortunate to see, however it indicated excellent things to come!

Source: Press People

Pooja Binepal, the charity’s UK spokesperson, stated they were amazed to see the elephant cry. “It was so exceptionally psychological for everybody. We understood in our hearts he understood he was being released.”

Source: Press People

Raju’s owner attempted to avoid the rescue by screaming commands at the elephant, and rescuers fretted he might run away the scene.

Source: Press People

Wildlife SOS never ever provided up. “We stood our ground and declined to pull back– and as we did so, tears started to roll down Raju’s face.”

Source: Press People

It was a minute previous midnight on July 4th that Raju stepped off the truck to flexibility.


Raju would invest the rest of his life without discomfort and pain.

Thanks to Wildlife SOS for all of their effort. An unfortunate story, however what a terrific ending!

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6 thoughts on “Raju Elephant Cries Tears of Joy While Being Rescued After 50 Years Of Abuse And Chains In India”

  1. It is great to be reading this. It is a shame that people think it is ok to imprison and treat such a bueatiful animal. I hope he lives long enough to enjoy freedom.

  2. Raju, I am so happy you are now free and am so sorry that you endured 50 years of torture and abuse. I hope you enjoy a long, free and peaceful life.

  3. Thank you for rescue Raju. I wish him many years in Freedom ♥️🐘♥️ I hope you can save much more elephants. Thank you for your great Work. You are Heroes

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