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The baby elephant saved an eight-year-old girl: 12 years later the girl thanked him

Thailand experienced the biggest tsunami in its history, killing 8500 people in 2004. Amber, eight years old, found herself on the verge of danger, but the help is unexpected.

8-year-old girl, Amber Owen, came to Phuket a few days before Christmas with her father, Eddie, and mother, Samantha. The Family in a beachfront hotel in the resort town of Chong Thale. A four years old elephant named Ning Nong is taken to the beach to entertain visitors every morning.

The vacationer can sit on her back and give her bananas. Amber loves communicating with the baby elephant, and she responds, hugging Amber with her trunk.

Amber felt a little shake at the hotel on December 26 morning, then Samantha and Amber went to the beach.

Owen immediately rushed to her elephant friend. She climbed on her back to relax but saw that the elephant had a strange expression – Ning Nong tried to leave the beach at all times without following her owner’s instructions.

The baby elephant saved an eight year old girl 12 years later the girl thanked him 1
Amber Owen was on holiday in Thailand when the tsunami struck on Boxing Day 2004, and is seen here on the back of Ning Nong the elephant

Suddenly, something unbelievable started to happen. The water quickly started flowing out of the shore, exposing the beach.

Some people hurried to get shells and fish. Others continued to lie on the sun loungers, wondering about the rare incident.

But, within minutes, “big water” started coming. The waves knock people off and pull them in various directions.

Owen was still on the elephant’s back, grabbed the elephant by her hands. The baby elephant was not even trying to let her out, go straight to the hotel. The elephant stopped at the high wall and waited for Owen to reach the safe place.

Samantha, who had noticed her daughter, took her hand and dragged her out of the strong stream. They were reaching a small mountain amongst the trees now. As the water receded a few minutes later, Samantha grabbed Owen and run towards the hotel, understanding that a next wave was coming.

Samatha must step knee-deep in water and move through debris.

After ten minutes, once mother and daughter arrived at the hotel, the tsunami returned and completely flew all the hotel’s second floors.

After 12 years, this story gets the award-winning drama War Horse. The result was his book and now hit show, Running Wild, a fantasy woven around the girl’s tale of survival.

The baby elephant saved an eight year old girl 12 years later the girl thanked him 2
The story of how Ning Nong saved Amber has now been adapted into a play by Michael Morpurgo, author of smash hit War Horse

Owen and her Family’s story caught the Thai media’s attention. Journalists decided to discover about Ning Nong’s fate.

It is not complicated in Thailand to find an elephant – all the native elephants have their passports and are registered with a particular service.

It turns out that Ning Nong is alive – yes, she turns out to be an elephant – and she is named Bai-Tong now. The old owner cannot raise the baby elephant and sold her. Bai Tong currently lives in an elephant camp in Kanchanaburi province. Because of her friendliness, tourists love her as well as her new owner. Now people call her “heroine.”

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  1. This story is great if it’s true but this article sucks. It gives Barely any details and the headliner seems to be click bate!!! When I see a story I want Beginning middle & end yet no Mencken of the girl reuniting with the animal who saved her. That’s the whole damn headline so how the hell can you not menchen the main story? Omg people are so desperate these days. Hope the person who wrote this don’t make a dime

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