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The Elephant Spirit Animal

In the most general, universal meaning, the elephant spirit animal, symbolizes strength and power. This meaning refers to both the body and the mind. The elephant is also seen as a sort of spirit guide to help us along a journey that requires patience. 

The elephant symbolism can easily command power because of its dominating presence and air of authority. It’s no wonder that the elephant is a born leader because of its wisdom, strength, and leadership, just like the eagle spirit animal.

But even with its intimidating presence, the elephant totem can also be one of the friendliest and gentlest creatures in the world, provided you are friendly and gentle with them, too.

Elephant symbolism also represents sensitivity, wisdom, stability, loyalty, intelligence, peace, reliability, and determination, which are all seen in the animal’s nature when observed in the wild. Elephants are gentle giants, who show great care toward their herd, offspring, and elders.

This symbolizes responsibility, determination, and loyalty. These traits are well depicted in our elephant tapestries.  If this is your animal guide, these virtues are a part of your natural character. By applying them in your life soul evolution is accomplished.

The elephant’s meaning in your life clearly shows your high level of intelligence. You are far much wiser than most other people in your environment. You enjoy pondering on things. This comes from the fact that your memory is robust. You engage your mind before you say anything or take action. You know when to flaunt your gifts, and when to maintain your peace.

The elephant meaning enables you to be persevering as well as the patient. Once you have set your mind on a target, you know how to bid your time until you achieve your target. As with the grasshopper spirit animal, with the Elephant you have honor and integrity. You always think of the good of everybody, not just your own.

According to Native American traditions, you can have more than one spirit animal. And in most cases, you don’t choose your spirit animal; rather they choose you. This might happen on a vision quest or when a particular animal rivets your attention and has a profound effect on your life.

When the elephant spirit guide gets into your life, you will be able to look at life with more clarity. You will understand the importance of understanding yourself first before you reach out to others. The elephant’s meaning is that you have the instincts to lead and nurture others. This spirit guide will enable you to understand the parts of your life that require intensive care. 

The meaning of the elephant also resonates with pride and dignity, and with power and reliability. You have a power that allows you to stand tall over others. As such, you are in a good position to fight for their rights. 

The Elephant Spirit Animal
The Elephant Spirit Animal

Are you lucky if your spirit animal is Elephant?

The elephant spirit animal can bring luck to you because its appearance in your life indicates that you are completely in control. 

You’ll have the power to do as you please. You will achieve what you desire. The elephant totem allows you to enjoy the rewards of your hard work. Whatever project you start will grow to fruition. Do not be afraid to follow your pursuits. With the elephant spirit animal in your life, nothing is too daunting for you to attempt.

All you need is to put in the right efforts. Be patient, and it will not be long before you savor the sweet taste of success. 

The elephant spirit animal represents strength and power. If you are looking to have some balance, stability, and security in your life, seeing or dreaming about the elephant totem can only signal good things.

There will be a new or improved relationship in the works. It may not be something you’re looking for at the moment, but don’t say no to it, either.

It can be something that you didn’t know you needed, something that can last for life, and something that can give you real joy.

Just remember that the elephant totem will appear to you at a time when you’re too focused on something that you forget to focus on other more important things.

Positive Traits 

If Elephant is your spirit animal, please note, you are highly intelligent and intuitive. You don’t need to be told anything, you understand quickly and get things to work before anyone spells it out for you.

You are wiser than most people out there, but keep that to yourself. Do not reveal your intelligence when not required. Furthermore, you have a great memory, but we suggest you not to reveal this blessing until truly required.

You are emotional and take things deeply. The same feeling goes out for your trusted ones as well. You stand up and take the initiative for those that are helpless or struggle to fight. Helping others comes naturally to you.

Moreover, you have the strength and courage that are above the average, and you are determined to help those around you when they face injustice. This makes you highly reliable.

You are loyal, sympathetic, and sensitive. Additionally, you easily connect to people and socialize. You are faithful and stick to your ethics even during difficult circumstances. You are soft-spoken, with tons of love and affection for others.

Like your spirit animal, the Elephant, you take responsibility at a very young age. You go beyond your capacity and walk the extra mile when it comes to helping others. You feel contented when you are able to help someone. Besides taking responsibility, you hold yourself accountable for mistakes that happen with things carried under your supervision.

Just like the Elephant, you do all that you can to keep your near and dear ones happy. Your persistence, confidence, and commitment enable you to take on challenges and difficulties with ease. You go all out to protect your family, young and old, strong and weak.

You are empathetic and work to fix things when there are differences in relationships, both professional and personal.

You are a deep thinker, rational, judgmental, and highly ambitious. You leave no stone unturned to turn your dreams into reality.

The Elephant Spirit Animal
The Elephant Spirit Animal

Negative Traits

The Elephant is a hefty, dignified, and proud animal. It symbolizes royalty and authority. Therefore, if your spirit animal is the Elephant, it might be hard for you to accept setbacks. So, if things do not unfold as per your plans, you may feel disheartened and struggle to move on.

When to Call on the Elephant Spirit Animal

Certainly, you should call on your spirit animal, the Elephant when you feel low or depressed. Your Elephant spirit animal will motivate and guide you to move on and take on challenges as they are thrown at you. It serves as the driving force to reach your life’s goals.

You may find it imperative to call the elephant spirit animal in the following circumstances :

  • You have a weakness in your mind, body, and soul
  • You need to boost your memory levels
  • You are facing a new project that you must complete within a certain time frame
  • You have lost sight of your goals
  • You feel demotivated
  • Your driving force is at an all-time low
  • Your life seems directionless

Facts about elephant symbolism

When the elephant is your spirit guide, you have been blessed with the wisdom of the ages. Study their qualities and you will understand yourself better and gain insights to guide you on your life path. Here are some of those qualities and what they could mean for you or for a specific inquiry.

Intelligence and Consciousness

The elephant spirit reminds you to use your intellect to solve a challenge that may be in front of you. While you may feel incredibly emotional about a given situation, you have a rational mind that is capable of making logical decisions.

Try to look at a situation and detach from the emotional aspects of it. Imagine you’re Einstein solving a problem. Do you view it differently? Emotions are powerful forces, but at times, they can cloud your judgement.

The elephant reminds you to use your wits – you have a powerful intellect that you can use to find the answers you seek.

The Elephant Spirit Animal
The Elephant Spirit Animal

Wisdom and Memory

Your brain is like a steel trap: The elephant also has an impressive memory, so you don’t forget things easily; this means that you have a very strong sense of self because your past is not lost to de-stabilizing experiences.

It also reminds you that memories can be powerful tools, but only if you use them for positive purposes. Whether they’re positive or negative, make your memories serve you, to help you achieve your full potential as a human being today.

After all, isn’t that what wisdom is? Taking the knowledge of your own experiences, and using it to create a better life for yourself and others? Your memories are a gift that you can apply to the present.

Your centered sense of self, combined with your good memory, means you have a lot of wisdom; you are a deep thinker, and will always come to a rational, and fair conclusion.


An elephant is known for having perseverance, so the elephant spirit animal is certainly going to be the exact same. You have a sense of what you want to achieve in life or what you desire, and you will then be determined to achieve it no matter what. Your sheer perseverance will push you far in life.

There is no direction you are limited to because adversity does not de-center you. However, it is important to not forget your roots — the elephant travels far but needs to also keep its family and its structure close behind, or else it will get lost.

Standing up for others.

Due to your own feelings of inner strength, you have a tendency to try to stand up for others when you feel that they have been wronged in some way.

You have the desire and determination to do this and will have a good success rate which will then push you into a position of power and respect.


Finally, elephant symbolism represents the idea of being viewed as reliable in life. 

These are clearly powerful opinions for people to have regarding you, and you seek to do anything in your power to harness them as often as possible. It is closely connected to the idea of that inner power and determination that has the ability to then get you as far as possible in life.

Final thoughts

The elephant has an impressive height and a massive size to boot. It stands for power, strength, and determination.

The elephant spirit animal can help you command the same power.

You can acquire an air of authority and a dominating presence by welcoming the elephant totem into your life.

It is no wonder, then, that you are a born leader. Your leadership qualities are strongly anchored in strength and wisdom.

More importantly, you are the symbol of gentleness and friendliness.

Be proud of all that you have accomplished and will still accomplish in the future. You are destined for great things, so stand tall and proud like your elephant totem.

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  1. This whole article is right on with me. I relate to it all. I am and elderly woman who has experienced just about every thing that has been shown here. I only wish I could have been aware of this long ago. During my life I have had 4 near death experiences. One specifically I remember is with the elephant. I was searching for the LIGHT. I was walking down the most beautiful road, it was getting dark , as I came upon this big tree, it was filled with all sorts of animals that telepathically told me to share the tree with them for the night. As I settled down in the tree, a huge elephant came to me, tapped me on the head with his huge trunk, and told me to remember , i had to remember. I did not understand until I read this article. Thank you so much for posting . Purple Sky Blossom

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