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The World’s loneliest elephant will no longer be alone and produce several babies soon.

Like humans, elephants are also too emotional. They do miss their partners, care for others, and cherish their life. Even Kaavan belongs to the same category.

Kaavan is the only loneliest elephant in entire Pakistan, surviving even after his mate died in 2012 due to sepsis. Even after eight years of his mate’s death, he’s still missing his partner.

Initially, he lived in a Pakistan zoo. Because of massive campaigns over five years by conservationists and Cher, an American music icon, it flew to Cambodia on 30th November. Also, the conservationists’ team filed a case to protect this elephant. And the high court of Pakistan decided to send Kaavan’s to a wildlife sanctuary rather than a zoo.

The Worlds loneliest elephant 1
An elephant once dubbed the ‘world’s loneliest’ could soon be rehomed with three females – and has already shown an interest in one of them, according to his caretaker. Pictured: Kaavan in his enclosure at the sanctuary in Cambodia on December 2.

However, it’s currently residing in Kulen Prum Tep Wildlife Sanctuary under the care of CWS and the environment ministry. Kaavan’s caretaker said that he has been showing interest in one of the three elephants. According to the new report, Kaavan will soon be released into the sanctuary along with three elephants.

The caretakers plan to train and feed him like the other wild animals. The environment minister, Neth Pheaktra, came to Kaavan during his visit to Siem Reap Province on 18th December. He hopes Kaavan will produce many babies and start his new life after a long break.

The Worlds loneliest elephant 3
American music icon Cher holds a license plate with her and Kaavan’s names on it as she waits for his arrival in Cambodia on November 30

The good news is that Darrick Thomson of Thailand’s Save Elephants Foundation agreed to take care of Kaavan. From now, Kaavan isn’t used for entertainment purposes. Instead, it’s protected by Thailand’s Elephants foundation.

It stated that the ministry had taken an action plan for ten years at 40.5milllion USD to protect the wild Asian elephants. This funding comes from NGOs, development partners, and the national budget.

Wild Elephants with relaxing music

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