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Adorable baby elephant ‘dances’ in the road for safari party in South Africa

The video clip was recorded at Kruger National Park in South Africa, showing a lovely moment of an elephant swinging its tail and shaking its body excitedly to perform, dance in the middle of the road for the crowd.

Flaunting for those who are viewing, the infant stamps its feet and kicks its legs out.

The baby elephant nodded, swayed its body, and wiggled its ears to brag to the audience.

The infant held his posture for a few seconds as the cameraman chuckled so that they wouldn’t interrupt his performance.

He suddenly runs towards his mother, keeping it a little flinching and crossing his forelegs on stage.

Once its mother protrudes from the lawn, the baby will stick to her right side as she crosses the street.

live love elephant Adorable baby elephant dances in the road for safari party in South Africa

In the footage, the infant continues to sway and lower their forelegs so that the trunk touches the ground.

Unable to stand still, the animal stepped back and forward before moving toward the roadside lawn.

The footage filmed in June 2019 and recently coming back online. Another elephant will soon join the couple.

The cameraman said: ‘While leading a wildlife safari in the world-famous Kruger National Park, we saw this adorable baby elephant dance and play on the road in front of us astonishingly and humorous.

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2 thoughts on “Adorable baby elephant ‘dances’ in the road for safari party in South Africa”

  1. Lovely and adorable? Well, can’t you see the young elephant is charging, not ‘dancing’? That’s what they teach elephants in circuses for the fun of humans, and they are usually forced to do so with a whip or a stick. When you watch this video closely you might notice that the feelings are not mutual, he doesn’t like you there. Too many tourists? Mum is apparently checking whether you are a threat or not. The people in the car are enjoying and laughing.. as if they are in a zoo. The animals are not and behave as wild animals should. PLease teach your readers and watchers about wild life instead of confirming their ignorance. Thank you.

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