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The blind and deaf 73-year-old elephant is finally rescued, cries real tears when she’s free

Work hard for people only to experience harsh treatment and violence throughout life. That is what Sook Jai, a 73-year-old elephant, went through when people forced it to overwork and abuse.

For 70 years, the incredible elephant had to face violence and harm before being saved to live the remaining of her life in freedom—this gentle lady used to begging on the streets and even hiking like a tourist carrier.

She had lost most of her hearing and completely her vision. “Sook Jai’s life is like every other captive elephant, doing so numerous different jobs throughout their lives, some more difficult than others, all hurting their dignity.

Sook Jai’s life goes through the hands of several men. She jumped from job to job, working nonstop until her health worsened.”

Fortunately, good people discovered her and determined to rescue her from the pain she suffered. They then transferred her to Elephant Nature Park, where would become her permanent home.

The blind and deaf 73 year old elephant is finally rescued cries real tears when shes free 1

Once they came to take the elephant away, they found it in terrible condition with many of its body wounds. “She’s in awful condition with many injuries on her head and body like every time she’s subjected to violence,” stated the Elephant Nature Park website. “On January 24 … The Elephant Nature Park rescue team came to pick her up from a place near Kanchanaburi province, west Thailand.”

It’s challenging for the rescued team to keep Sook Jai relaxed through the 20-hour trip to Elephant Nature Park. “On the journey, she looked so hungry but wouldn’t eat anything because she was too nervous,” the rescue team stated. “After 20 hours of drive, she stood at the park and made her first step to the sanctuary. Sook Jai easily got off the truck to her new home.”

The elephant is old, blind, and partially deaf, but it can still sense that it is finally in a happy place as tears begin to flow down its face. “Sook Jai reached over the tree to smell her new home, rumbling down the fields, tears streaming down her face. The peaceful life is hers now. Though her eyes are blurred and hearing weak, we hope that love will be the light of her life.”

The blind and deaf 73-year-old elephant is finally rescued, cries real tears when she’s free

Many people watched the video of rescuing her and could not help but be touched by the happiness on Sook Jai’s face. “I cried when I saw her cry and swinging her trunk. She knows she’s free now. Please save and rescue more elephants; we can do it together!” Yuhong Cui said while Denise Lancaster wrote, “It is wonderful to see her finally rescued. I hope that the time she has left will make up for her cruel and harsh working life. Thanks to her rescuers.”

“Sook Jai, our recently saved elephant, explores his new home, and it learns very quickly,” Elephant Nature Park wrote on Facebook. “Even though she is completely blind and cannot hear clearly, she knows what a mud pit is, but she can get rubbed in her back easily by a wooden stick. We are very proud of her strong spirit. And would love to see her enjoy the rest of her life at our park happily.”

Here is the video:

Wild Elephants with relaxing music

5 thoughts on “The blind and deaf 73-year-old elephant is finally rescued, cries real tears when she’s free”

  1. Thank you for saving her. Elephants are such incredible wonderful beings. So glad she will be happy the rest of her life

  2. I love and pray that God blesses all recusers of all animals everywhere. A man or woman can be judged by how they treat animals. Thank you so much for rescuing beautiful Sook Jai. I tear up every time I think about her last 70 years but then my heart rejoices at her remaining new life. Elephants are the grandest of all creatures.

  3. Thank you for saving Sook Jai .at last she can out her life with love and cared for . That poor darling that life has had . God Bless her .. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. This is so very touching to watch. I’m an elephant lover and it breaks my heart when I read and see these horrific stories about elephants being mistreated and neglected. It brings me to tears.
    They are very sensitive, special and amazing creatures. These magnificent animals need to be protected by humans disgusting and horrific abuse.

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