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Wild Elephant Rescued From Well After 14-hour Struggle in Dharmapuri District

After a nearly 14-hour struggle late in the evening, a female elephant fell into a well near Palcode in Dharmapuri, was rescued.

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Around 4 a.m., the farmer heard the cry of a 25 years old elephant from the well of a farm owned by Venkatachalam in Ellikundanoor. He reported it to Forest Department officials.

“The elephant has been roaming in the area with two other elephants for the past few days,” officials added, “and the amount of water in the well is relatively low.”

Over 50 officials from the Forest Department, the Fire and Rescue Services, and police participated in the rescue operations. District Forest Officers S. Prabhu from Krishnagiri and Rajkumar from Dharmapuri closely monitors the entire process.

Live love elephant Wild elephant rescued from well after 14 hour struggle in Dharmapuri district

To feed the elephant, the officials dropped coconut tree leaves into the well after pumping water out. The well was about 55 feet deep. The elephant was pulled out of the well by two JCB machines, the trucks, and the cranes.

The wildlife veterinarians Prakash launched three tranquilizers, two on target, and the elephant fell asleep. Rescuers then lifted the elephant out and released her into the Hosur Forest, Forest Department officials stated.

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  1. Barbara Charles

    Thank all who help elephants!!!
    They are beautiful and awesome!!!
    I love them!!! My home is filled with a beautiful collection of elephants everywhere!!!!!
    Hug them for me!!
    Thank you and blessings,
    Barbara Lee Charles

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